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Find and use Complex Data, No Matter Where It Is.

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Voyager services global governments and businesses, public utilities, universities, oil and gas companies, and many more enterprises around the world.

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Install and in minutes, have a user-friendly, secure search engine powered by the best-of-breed in search technology, Solr/Lucene, giving users access to all of the data they need, when they need it. No custom code required, no costly migration of data and no change in workflow.

Quickly find and present geospatial content, documents, data and files. Add spatial context to and index any of the 1800+ file formats Voyager supports

Install in Minutes

Easy to use out-of-the-box. Download, install and get started.

Search Anywhere

Connect to data on desktops, servers, databases, FTP sites, web servers and more. No complex data migration, no change in workflow, no custom code required.

Discover Anything

Can read and make discoverable over 1800 spatial and non-spatial formats - whether or not they have metadata. Enrich, append, harmonize, eliminate duplicates and quickly discover data.

Use Your Results

Utilize all of the data you find. Download it; transform it; view it on a map. Integrates with third-party tools and can be extended to your needs.



Our robust, intuitive UI provides a single point of search across the enterprise, giving users the tools they need to configure what goes into the search engine, how it looks, and who can see it.


Work Locally, Share Globally, Stay Secure

A New Approach to Portals

Voyager works by walking through any file server, database or web content depot it’s pointed to, opening files and depositing their metadata into a Lucene/Solr index. A digital catalog is created of all content and its location. Data become searchable across the enterprise. Administrators can configure the UI and set security standards to meet enterprise policies and users can find the information they need, when they need it.


Voyager Server: Basic and Pro

Our powerful, extensible solution is available in two different options: Basic or Pro.

What solution works best for you?

Voyager Extensions

Add additional functionality to your solution and tailor Voyager to fit your needs.

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Voyager Professional Services

Providing support to help you with everything from getting up
and running smoothly to custom implementations.

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