Extensions: Federated Search



Voyager’s federated search links together indices from remote locations to provide a single point of search no matter where in the world your content resides.


How it works

With many software solutions, if you want to search all of your content, you have to move it to a single kind of storage. This is often infeasible, but when it is, migration is costly and  maintenance is even more so.

Voyager does not require an organization to migrate its content to a single location so that those files can be searched and discovered by users. Instead, when an organization has content spread across a number of facilities or when the size of the content repository is very large, Voyager distributes the indexing load over separate nodes. Voyager creates a catalog or index of the contents. These disparate indices don’t have to be searched independently.

Instead, using Voyager’s Federated Search capability, the indices can be linked together in the user interface and a single request will yield unified, relevant results across all locations. Users can search by keyword or location and they can filter and sort all of their content in one place.



Out of the box tasks

  • Allows single query of multiple indices

  • Finds hidden data in remote locations

  • Prioritizes results by relevancy

  • Unified search results

  • Allows data to live in its existing place

  • Accommodates large organizations and multiple search technologies


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