Meet the Team


Brian Goldin

Chief Executive Officer

As CEO, Goldin is responsible for the long-term strategic vision of Voyager Search, overseeing everything from sales to product direction to balancing resources in order to help the company achieve its goals. He has spent more than 20 years in the geospatial industry, bringing to Voyager the unique perspective of where the industry has been, what it needs, and where it’s going.

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Kris Goodfellow

Chief Operating Officer

As COO, Goodfellow is responsible for not only managing the operations of the company, she also works closely with the product development, marketing, and professional services teams to ensure they have the support they need in order to meet their goals – while always keeping Voyager’s customers top of mind.

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Justin Deoliveira

Chief Technical Officer

As CTO, Deoliveira is responsible for several of the company’s key technical initiatives. These include making key strategic technical decisions; implementing measures to continuously improve the software development process; and identifying key trends in search to help drive the evolution of the Voyager product. He also enjoys mentoring and training other engineers on the team, along with rolling up his sleeves and writing code as often as he can.

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Chad Baker

Account Manager

Chad once sat through a hurricane to attend a Clemson football game.

Doug Begle

Document Manager
Oakland, California

Doug started riding motorcycles when he was 15 and his dream has always been to own a Vincent Black Lightning bike.

Alex Bostic

Director of Professional Services
Martinsberg, West Virginia

Alex is the proud owner of four boa constrictors (down from eight!).

Lindsay McGreevy

Senior Product Manager

Mike Moreno

Office Manager
San Bernardino, California

Mike still backs up his work by emailing it to himself.

Jason Pardy

Software Developer
Rancho Mirage, California

Jason loves fly-fishing.

Jon Polay

Director of Sales
Long Island, New York

Jon loves any outdoor activity that involves nature and exercise.

Shane Ring

Product Manager
Shane once performed the Heimlich maneuver. Successfully.

Radek Sklenicka

Software Testing and Support Engineer
Prague, Czech Republic

Radek used to play guitar in a rock band.

Samuel Smith

Solution Architect
Victoria, BC, Canada

Sam prints – and collects – all of his boarding passes.

Tim Stiles

Scrum Master and Release Manager
Redlands, California

Tim loves taking road trips, especially when it means touring with his brother-in-law’s band.

Jenny Viscarolasaga

Director of Marketing and PR
Portsmouth, NH

Jenny is a proud amateur sewer.

Briana White

Rancho Cucamonga, California

Briana sang in the choir at her local church when she was growing up.

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